Chesapeake Shores - Episo...

The O’Brien family learns that Mick made a distress call before his plane went missing and
must come together while they wait for news on his whereabouts. Evan (Buckley) starts to bond
with one the O’Briens, but his attempts at generosity backfire. After Luke (Stephen Huszar,
“Letterkenny”) finds himself in a bad position with his parole officer, Bree (Ullerup) enlists
Connor’s (Francis) legal help. Feeling the strain of running his own business, Connor searches
for a new assistant and gets some unexpected support. Kevin (Penny) helps Sarah (Jessica Sipos,
“Charmed”) with her new cravings as they try to figure out the right timing to finally share their
news with the family. David (Carlo Marks) receives a disturbing warning from his father. Recent
events have Megan (Niven) thinking about the future as the day of the art show she put together
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